Monday Motivation – November 5th, 2018


Problems, problems, problems…. They’re everywhere…. Every single day! The more we think about them, the bigger and more insurmountable they become! How then, do some people manage to surmount their problems and achieve success?
Simply by shifting their focus – from the problem, to the solution! That’s it! We just need to make a conscious decision to focus – not on the problem, but on the solution. This is the only way to solve more problems, and get ahead in life! 💪💪💪

Monday Motivation – 29th October, 2018.


“Success”… “Greatness”… These are not achieved by those who are obsessed with beating everyone else!

True “Success”… True “Greatness”… Is achieved when we are able to have a “clear vision”… When we are able to break down this vision into “goals”… And when we “achieve” those goals – one by one!

When we are able to do this, we not only become successful ourselves, we also “inspire” others to be successful!

True success and greatness comes when we are able to inspire and empower others to create, and follow their own paths to success!

Monday Motivation – 22nd October, 2018


Making mistakes… Falling down…. Facing failure… These are some of the most common things that we all face during our journey through life. Our lives are designed in such a way that we can only progress if we make mistakes, if we fail, if we fall down! The most important thing to remember is that “Mistakes are meant to be Learnt from”… “We fall so that we can pick ourselves up and start again”… We fail so that we can Learn how to Succeed”!
Learning is a Lifelong process…. Those who understand this fundamental fact of life are the ones who achieve the greatest success in their lives!

Monday Motivation – October 15th, 2018


Lifelong Learning is one of most important principles that we must strive to live by.

Why? Because the world is changing every moment, and if we don’t seek out the knowledge and the skills required to keep up with that change, we are going to be left behind!

We need to be receptive to new ideas, new technologies, new equipment, new methods of operation…so that we can adopt the ones that suit our needs and progress.

Once we have learnt these skills, how do we ensure that we retain them, and use them effectively? The best way is to share them with our peers, teach others, spread the knowledge.
Because as we explain the new ideas to others, they become clearer to us, and we find more and more ways to implement them.

So learn….and share what you learn!

Monday Motivation – October 8th, 2018


Powerful words from a great source of inspiration!

When we maintain a positive and supportive attitude, when we do our best to remain fair and just as we deal with people in our daily lives, we create an aura of goodness and support around us. People can sense this aura and are drawn to us, because they know that they can trust us.

Building trust is one of the most important things in life, and we should strive to be trustworthy.

We should also be ready to learn – all the time!
Every single person whom we meet, every single incident in our lives, has something to teach us – all we need to do is to be receptive. Once we adopt a learning mindset we will find that the universe is constantly passing on information and knowledge to us. We only have to open our minds and absorb what we require, and utilize it effectively.

Monday Motivation – October 1st, 2018


Right Parenting – this is a phrase that we hear very often these days. Parents are having to face a lot of challenges… Juggling their time between their occupation and their commitment to raising their children right.
There is a very well known saying in our Indian culture… Maatha, Pithaa, Guru, Deivom“… Mother, Father, Teacher, God“.

This is the order in which our children are influenced, and the sequence of people whom they learn from.
Parents…as you can see…are on top of the list.

It is, therefore, the responsibility of the parents to teach their children the basics… Good manners, Humility, Obedience, Respect for others, Social etiquette, Basic rules of interactions, etc.

What we tend to overlook is the fact that we are always being watched, and learned from, by our children.

This is why we need to ensure that we, first of all, walk the talk.

Children learn from our example.
If we are rude, impolite, inconsiderate, proud…then our children learn these same characteristics…and it becomes very difficult for us, and for them, as they grow older.

So let’s ensure that we clean up our lives first… So that we can raise children whom we can be proud of! 💪💪💪

Monday Motivation – September 24th, 2018


Life is full of uncertainties, problems, difficulties, tough decisions – many a time we find ourselves neck deep in problems, with no end in sight.
It is very easy, in such situations, to think about leaving it all – about quitting.
What we need to remember, what we need to tell ourselves, at such points is – Nothing is permanent in this life. The problem that most of us have is that we allow our problems to take over our minds. Instead, if we focus on finding solutions to the problems, our mind gets charged…it finds something positive to do.
Once this happens, invariably, we will find that our problems are not so insurmountable after all.
So it is our attitude towards our problems, and not the problems themselves, which are the reason for our success or failure.
So whenever we are faced with a problem, let’s not quit…let’s not try to run away…let’s face the problem and focus on finding a solution.
This will make us Winners!
And there comes the saying…

“Quitters never Win”
“Winners never Quit”