Monday Motivation – September 24th, 2018


Life is full of uncertainties, problems, difficulties, tough decisions – many a time we find ourselves neck deep in problems, with no end in sight.
It is very easy, in such situations, to think about leaving it all – about quitting.
What we need to remember, what we need to tell ourselves, at such points is – Nothing is permanent in this life. The problem that most of us have is that we allow our problems to take over our minds. Instead, if we focus on finding solutions to the problems, our mind gets charged…it finds something positive to do.
Once this happens, invariably, we will find that our problems are not so insurmountable after all.
So it is our attitude towards our problems, and not the problems themselves, which are the reason for our success or failure.
So whenever we are faced with a problem, let’s not quit…let’s not try to run away…let’s face the problem and focus on finding a solution.
This will make us Winners!
And there comes the saying…

“Quitters never Win”
“Winners never Quit”

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